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Have you ever listened to or read a story? Or wanted to choose your own favorite character? If the answer is yes, then you must play “Episode”. Yes, it is one of the most renowned games available on play store and maybe official sites. More than 10 million downloads have been seen of this game over Google play store and still, the process is in continuation. Also, from its outrageous storylines to funky cartoon visuals, the game is a gripping way to kill time. One of the best things, about this game it can attract anyone towards it because it is amazing and fun to play all the time. Well, episode cheats can be difficult to come by, if you do not know where to see.

You get the passes in a certain amount automatically while playing the game. But, yes you can get the passes or tickers using the episode referral codes. Do you know what referral codes meant in the Episode is? These are the referral codes that you could provide to buddies and share on social sites; however, these are eradicated from the game.
Episode free passes:
With for a few hours for three passes to recharge
Play the next story with new lessons, which can provide you with one free ticket to get begun
Following special connections from episodes partners

Wait for more passes
Another direct way to earn more tickets in the episode, is similar to the mobile games – is to wait. This will take three to four hours to charge your passes again and once they do, you get three free to continue reading more chapters/lessons.
Keep in mind; you need to use up all the passes that you are holding up. This is because, once all of your tickets get finished, you get new passes. Thus, if you can, it is best to study as many as chapters at once. And that way you avail benefit in the next term, you open the application.